Grateful For Choice

My Saturday Gratitude Check-In: Choice

Choice is something that those of us who have the luxury of it, take for granted.

I don’t really want to dwell too much on this right now, suffice it to say that we are at a bit of a crossroads in life right now. We can either choose to take a huge leap of faith, or choose not to. A few months ago I wrote a post on fear and how fear takes on a different form when you become a parent. Well we are past the fear now. Now it’s time to make a choice. Last week I wrote about how I am grateful for my husband, and I am even more grateful that we get to make these choices together.

Contemplation of Choice

Here are a few quotes on ‘choice’ that all speak to me at this stage of my life, right now.

Freedom of choice quote

May your choices reflect your hopes Nelson Mandela quote

Take the risk or lose the chance

I am grateful that we have a choice. It’s not the choice I thought we would need to make, but here we are. I know this is a bit deep for a weekend, but it’s a reflection of my life right now. Lots of contemplation for our future and that of our girls.

I am very grateful that we do have a choice though, and that we are free to choose. We will just have to live with the consequences of our choices, and pray.

Who Else Is Grateful?

Part of this series is linking back to other bloggers who have taken up the Saturday Gratitude Check-in challenge. Thank you to Coco Head To Toe for checking in too.

Grateful For: Strangers Who Give Up Their Seats For Pregnant Women

How To Take Part

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Have a great weekend everyone.

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  2. It is not easy to choose to have an attitude of gratitude. You can not change what you are going through but you can endure it better with a thankful heart. #mondaystumble

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