The Kids Were Bored

They Were Bored … Honest! 

If you read my post from last week about the bird that flew into my house and then proceeded to shit purple shit all over the place, you will understand my problem.

If not, here is a brief recap: there are 2 bushes off my verandah that have hear dark purple berries on them. 

The birds eat the berries then shit all over my verandah!

So this afternoon I had a brain wave and after my kids complained for the 100th time that they were bored, I tasked them with the super fun and important game of picking ALL the berries off the bushes! They thought this was a fabulous idea, and totally understood how they were helping mommy!


So after they were all ‘set’, I did what any mother in her right mind on a Friday afternoon would do: poured myself a glass of wine and took pictures of my genius idea of how to keep kids busy and have fun with nature.

Unfortunately by the time I finished writing up this hilarious post filled with inspiration, sarcasm and wine, they had given up with the ‘boring’ task and are now back on the iPad asking Siri random questions about such important things as “how many sleeps until Easter?”!

It was fun while it lasted!

Happy Friday people! Enjoy your weekend and don’t forget to check back in next week for more fun and inspiring ideas on how to keep your kids busy and get shit done whilst drinking wine and blogging!

You’re Welcome!

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  3. Author

    Ha ha. I got my kid to pick the daisy’s from the lawn the other day, told him they needed tidying. I just needed a break. #blogstravaganza

    1. Author

      Definitely!!! Well worth it for 5 minutes break! 😂

  4. Author

    I love it! I’m always open to ideas when it comes to keeping the littles busy, haha! Thanks so much for sharing with #Blogstravaganza xx

    1. Author

      I don’t know but I don’t let them eat them.

    1. Author

      haha … thanks. Maybe my in-laws weren’t as far off as I’d like to think when they referred to me as “the lazy queen”!

  5. Author

    Ha-ha Such funny reading. The kids are interfering with your wine drinking. 😜 Excited to see what you think of next week. #globalblogging

  6. Author

    More ideas like this please & thank you! I am always looking for ways to incorporate wine into activities! It’s a win/win!


  7. Author

    I regularly allow my girls to play ‘Match the Socks from the Washing Pile’. It’s a great game, and they love it. Honest… ish. 😉 #TriumphantTales

    1. Author

      Haha … I always forget this one! Great tip! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Author

    Brilliant! It was good while it lasted hey?! Thanks for joining #TriumphantTales, hope to see you back next week! 🙂

  9. Author

    #triumphanttales move the bush, it seems easier. Although i like your glass pulling idea – alas most mummy ideas don’t last long.

  10. Author

    What a lovely garden you have! How did you get the blueberry trees there? Do you grow them yourself? I want to do this but I’m scared I would kill all of the trees lol hey at least the girls were entertained for a little while! Thanks for sharing with #GlobalBlogging!

    1. Author

      They aren’t blueberries that you buy in the shops. My girls know NOT to eat them. And I can’t take credit for the garden. It was like that when we moved in, but thank you. I’d probably have killed it all by now to if I didn’t have a weekly garden service. lol

  11. Author

    This is genius. The wine and the delegating of tasks. I am going to try this. I wonder if I can convince my two that cleaning the house is fun? #FridayFrolics

  12. Author

    Purple bird shit everywhere would drive me batshit crazy! Way to go momma! And the kids, they love helping too! #FabFridayPost xoxo

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    1. Author

      Oops – sorry for the random link there! It was something I was looking at on fb – not quite sure how I managed to link it into my comment! Must stop messing about on multiple screens at once. Please feel free to delete that. And I meant to say thanks so much for joining us on #FridayFrolics (as opposed to what I apparently actually said, which was essentially ‘look how much Jeremy Corbyn’s son looks like Elijah Wood’! He does though! Apologies again!)

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